Phen Grant
Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration

Copy of Best Made Co.


Lake Phewa, Pokhara, Nepal

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with a clean aesthetic, passion for Wes Anderson films, vintage photography, international travel, learning new tactile skills, and exploring nature. Quality goods have always been a part of my heritage, and I'm truly excited to be considered for a design position with Best Made Co.

Issue number seven and number eight of Camp x Home focus on the more relaxed side of Best Made Co. These issues touch on leisure, travel, learning international culture, wardrobe, and tactile arts.

Creation of email blasts was my primary role as Art Director for Evereve. I produced one to two per week, directed photoshoots, designed, edited, and created concepts for seasonal campaigns. To demonstrate my skills in illustration and page layout, I've created three email blast mockups for you.


I created two banner ads and two Instagram accounts. (tap arrows to view more)

Left Insta: Modern outdoor taglines, product laydowns, and travel shots.
Right Insta: Vintage lifestyle ads and photos, illustration, vintage ads for camp gear, etc.
Banner Ads: The focus on the banners is movement and eye-catching taglines.


The flag I created for Best Made Co. has roots in classic typography, with a modern appeal. Here, it's displayed in several scenarios, including an accent on stoneware plates, posters, enamel pins, digitally, and on a flag.