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Opening my eyes and my perception.


Sunday a man from Mexico talked to my friend and I at Dunn Bros. He simply needed a human connection. I smiled and listened to his story about the cartel taking over control of lime production. "That's why limes cost so much here, amigo," he said. He wanted to practice his English since he had moved to Minneapolis recently to earn money for his family. He was having some culture shock and needed a friend.

Monday I met a woman smothered in Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Tory Burch with acrylic nails. Instead of snap judging her based on a lack of fashion sense and modesty, I smiled and listened to her story. She was genuinely kind and willing to share her experiences. I made a connection with her on travel and living in LA as a creative director.

As my car was defrosting this morning I noticed a seemingly homeless man rifling through the trash bin, pulling out discarded warm clothes. This image stuck with me. What if I had issued a simple "good morning" to him? He is my neighbor, (I've seen him before in the same circumstances.) He's not hurting anyone by recycling their discarded clothing, next time I make contact with him, I'm going to greet him with a smile.

I can't wait for my trip to Nepal, for the experiences I will have, friends I will make, and perspectives I will change. Humans are all here, living together in this world, and connections to them are the reason we all exist.

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