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New swag & Kickstarter!


As I've put some mockups together, I'm starting to seriously think about next steps for my design career. An online store, for sure... but putting all of this together, getting prints printed, buttons stamped, bags inked, tee shirts screen printed all costs a lot of money. Not to mention I'm not yet an LLC, my legal name is still Stephen Grant Johnson, and I've got monthly bills to pay.


I've hit a point where if I create a captivating enough video, document my progress, show all the cool thing I'm doing in New York,  and provide sweet enough rewards, I think I can earn 5-10k (even 20k?!) by devoting myself to this! Seeing the energy that surrounds Kickstarter, and realizing that all my dreams could come true by just putting my story out there is SO EXCITING. 

What do you think? Do I have the chops to pull it off? Also, what do you think of all my new swag? Let me know in the comments. Lastly, subscribe to my email list. You'll get inside info about all my plans lightyears before everyone else. 

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