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Luncheons 2017 Wrap-up

Postcard Art by Ari Woeste

Today was the wrap-up for Luncheons 2017, and my last event with AIGA Minnesota. Liz & Josef (Bodega LTD) and Marty Harris spoke to a crowd of 50 in a perfect finale for the season. The event was a Q&A session about struggles, challenges and benefits of working with family. 

Liz shared her background growing up in rural Minnesota, which solidified her insane work ethic. No matter what you wish to accomplish, you can do it—simply push yourself to your limits and readjust your priorities. Josef explained why Bodega chose to base their new studio in Minneapolis, primarily due to the rich artist community here and opportunity to grow and collaborate. (Minnesota is one of the top 3 design communities in the country.)


In a sense I'm happy that this is my last event with AIGA MN. In its place I'm challenging myself to focus on personal projects and development as an artist. Every time I'm around Liz & Josef I find new inspiration to push myself forward in my career and actualize the stuff I've put on hold. Keep an eye out, I'm exploding with ideas rn and I'll be posting much more in the coming weeks.

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