Phen Grant
Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration

Flatiron Health


I create swag and illustrations for Flatiron Health. I took on the task of creating badges for their new company values, unveiled at a launch event this spring.


Flatiron has a clean vibe and will always hold onto its startup language. The process behind this project was maintaining a smart, playful nature combined with a sophisticated minimalist aesthetic, while reminding employees of what Flatiron stands for through daily objects.


I crafted a custom design for screen printed tees, enamel pins, mugs, beanies, and laptop stickers. The swag has been wildly popular since the launch party.


I’ve started to depend on Procreate for everything from quick sketches to complete illustrations. It’s been a game changer. Looking back at my initial ideas and comparing them to the final is one of my favorite parts of the creative process.


I made the Flatiron Diversity + Inclusion identity and sticker, including edible cake toppers for the launch event. The branding focused on movement, shape, color, and a heavy Memphis influence.



I also create illustrations for the Flatiron blog. Adding playful visuals to the very serious subject of cancer research is exactly what the doctor ordered.


I crafted these concepts on a variety of articles about tech, employee relations, future initiatives, and navigating a complicated field of study. I crafted original color palettes, characters, and themes for each blog post.


On top of illustrations and swag, I also create page layout, display signage, mailers and environmental design for Flatiron events. A huge aspect of this role is working directly with vendors and printers to get the perfect paper, color and finish.