Phen Grant
Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration



I was hired at Learnvest to work in Sketch + Invision. I’m not allowed to show you any of that work, however, I also worked on swag and branding needs, including a consistent branding system for internal teams with laptop stickers, hats, and tees.


I’m learning Procreate for iPad. These doodles are the start of my new Phentastic! instagram account, which will soon lead to my illustration swag shop online.

I sketch for 30-90 minutes each night, and in a short period of time, my skills have improved immensely. Keep tabs on my blog for updates.


I started the “Alphabet of North American Animals” as a passion project suggested by a close friend. The goal of this project is to hone in on shading, texture, and geometry in my illustration.


Once I complete the series, I will produce a tiny 4” children’s book. These vibrant squares will also be available in stickers, enamel pins, tote bags, and window clings.

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A good soundtrack is an integral part of my life. This graphic pays tribute to audiophiles everywhere— it contains every speaker that's brought music to my ears and some that I imagined up, too.