Phen Grant
Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration

Morning Brew


I crafted a Mother’s Day gift guide for Morning Brew. The project involved creating a themed version of their coffee cup logo, a landing page and five email blasts, which contained twenty five sponsored products. 💐 Over one million subscribers receive the MB daily newsletter.


Each email focused on a niche mom market, including the “New Mom,” “Business Mom,” “Wellness Mom,” etc. The addition of black and white pop photos added a hint of nostalgia to the streamlined campaign.


The five email blasts were color coded and contained small flags in the footer, allowing users to jump between personas online. Each day one more flower appeared in the logo, corresponding to the day.


I photoshopped product shots and played digital art director for positioning + color. I added shadows + modern bubbles to anchor imagery and bring dimension to blasts.