Phen Grant
Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration



Lighting: David Kasyanyuk, Assistant: Megan Gentry

I art directed, shot and produced the 2018 Winky Lux Holiday Campaign for social, in-store, and web.


I crafted four distinctive scenes with elements of shine, organic material & geometric shape to add a level of intrigue to the set. Our goal was to combine the glitz of the product with a touch of lux.


It was an interesting departure from my usual “wear all the hats” approach to see how the team incorporated my photography into their social media feed, contests, and GIFs. Sparkles and pink aren’t my normal aesthetic, but it was a fun challenge, and I was happy with how our visions combined.


My imagery was used on web, in store, throughout social media and in contests. It was a hit with customers. ✨