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Reconnecting with Nature


Last weekend I visited Beacon and Breakneck Ridge in the Hudson River Valley. It had been months since I escaped the city, and it was far overdue.

I’m natively from a small rural town near Iowa, and grew up in the woods, on farms—always surrounded by nature, animals, and tranquility. No matter what part of New York City you reside in, there is always noise… there’s a constant energy, and I love it. However, it does make you appreciate those moments when you’re literally miles away from any other living human… when you truly reconnect with yourself and listen to nothing other than your intuition and of course a rumbling stomach from time to time.


If you’ve been catching up with me over my Insta, you’ll know that the past few months have been a time of huge change and growth for me. I’ve reconnected with my passions, improved my skills with photography, met tons of inspiring artists, attended seminars, talks, and started traveling more than I ever have before. This is the first time that I’ve actually believed that I’m worthy of unconditional love, and that all started with mindfulness, meditation, and self-care.

Throughout the weekend, I hiked to the highest peak of Breakneck Ridge. I didn’t use a map, I just let my intuition guide me, and strangely enough I didn’t get lost once. I discovered some abandoned buildings, met a few hawks and ravens, and found areas with balancing rocks along the path. I also reconnected with nature in a deeper way—speaking my truths into the wind. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this post explains all of that.

I finished up my hike by meditating at the riverfront. It was a surreal experience, and I highly recommend doing the same.


Living on the east coast in beautiful, unfamiliar environments has opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities that exist with travel, exploration, and filling my life with new experiences.

Though I’ve been faced with struggles since my move last year, I know that this path is leading me to something important. I have no idea what’s next, or how I’m going to get there, but at least lately, it involves taking a train to a plethora of adventures. Stay tuned for word on my trip to Philly this weekend.

Phen Grant