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Illustrating is Not Easy

I’m getting in the habit of trying multiple passes at illustrations.

I find the more successful result is usually more cartoon, geometric, and with less detail. For the purpose of consistency, I’m keeping the style for this alphabet project pretty homogenous, (see the full project here) but I’m stoked to do other stuff with some of the brushes I purchased very soon.

Also, I’m still including the original versions (above), because this stuff takes time—sometimes a full day per version. 😱 One of the illustrators I follow on Instagram, Dylan @bydylanm, said it best when I talked to her.

“If you're already putting in the time
a little each day, you're more than
halfway there! Really!
Doing the work consistently
is so powerful.”

Transitioning to illustration has been a mix of relearning to ride a bicycle and learning an all-new language. I’m figuring out new workflows and how to use brushes with pressure/angle activated on my Wacom tablet, which I never thought I'd master. I’m quite stoked to see my work start to evolve.  Can't wait to show you more. :)

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