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Changing my perspective


In the last four years I've started to figure out this "adulting" thing. I've switched jobs several times and transitioned from retail into a fulfilling career. I've moved into several new apartments, a pricy loft solo, the realized I don't need 12' ceilings to find fulfillment. I've found a group of friends, started to make life-changing experiences happen, and I've experienced lasting memories not forged from material possessions.

Four years ago I would dream about taking vacations and seeing the world, I would stress out over friends and relationships—but I never really knew how to save money, or follow through with people to form deep bonds. What I realized is that at any point in your life you can stop, do a 180, and fix your issues. You're the only one who makes the calls, so you're the only one to blame if you're unhappy.

What helped me make these changes?

First, I learned to surround myself with people who inspire me, hold true to those people, and keep a positive energy throughout my day. If you're around negativity all the time, it wears off on you. Why wallow in a mental mud pit when you can be inspired on the daily?

Second, I started sleeping, eating healthier, working out, drinking enough water, limiting sugar intake, cutting down on alcohol, and meditating. (I'll post more specifics in the next few weeks.)

Third, I started seeing everyone around me as a human. I looked past obnoxious attitudes, childish tendencies, and closed-mindedness. I started processing how to connect with people I'm forced to spend time with and let go of resentment myself. It blew me away how many levels you can connect with people on. (Seriously, just try asking a frienemy how their day is going, or compliment their outfit. It works wonders.)

For the first time in my life I can safely say that I'm a happy, healthy individual. I'm going to continue posting about specific experiences that have inspired me over the next few weeks. 

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