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Revisiting my roots


I'm spending the weekend in Duluth to break out of my routine and finish some personal projects. It's been several years since I attended school here and I still find solace in laying on the beach at Park Point, strolling along the boardwalk with a cotton candy sunset, and listening to musicians playing outside Amazing Grace Cafe. It's a perfect contrast to the bustle of MPLS, and gives me a sense of calm like no other place in Minnesota.

As I was soaking up the warm rays with a book in hand, I reflected on how messy I was back in college—drinking, partying, and doing everything in my power to rack up debt. I'm a little shocked that I graduated (and avoided bankruptcy.)


I'm seriously grateful for the personal and professional development I've achieved post-Duluth. I know where I'm going next and what I need to focus on to get there. School can teach you skills, but you need to screw up and grow in the "real world" to truly develop those skills into passion, and find your full potential.

I challenge you to revisit somewhere from your past. It's a fun way to gauge your progress, and you might be inspired by the change that you see in yourself.

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